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Jamun fruit, which is known in Tamil as Naaval Pazham, Nagapazham, Nagapalam and Naavalpalam. It is also called as Java Plum, Black Plum, Jambul and Indian blackberry. This is a precious but humble fruit.

It is rich in iron, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C and also acts as a coolant and induces digestive power.

The fruit is said to be good for diabetics and also for purification of blood. The seeds are used in ayurvedic and unani medicines for digestive ailments.

Even Diabetics can consume this fruit or drink its juice without increasing the sugar level.

However, due to its astringent flavor and for the purple stain it leaves on the tongue, the fruit do not find a place in the dining table.

The fruit once sold in street corners and front of every school for a nominal price, is turning out to be more expensive now, because the fruit is not cultivated on a large-scale, and since it has to travel a long distance.

It is a seasonal fruit and available from June to August. If you happen to see this fruit in the market, do not hesitate to buy it.

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