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Summer is here again. We find loads of various types of Melons in every street corner. One among them is the Muskmelon, also known as Cantaloupe. The Tamil name is “Keerani Pazham” or “Mulaam Pazham”.
Muskmelons are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Melons are not only a summer thirst quencher but also come packed with lots of health benefits. It reduces heat in the body to a great extent, relieves tiredness, increases appetite. It also relieves heart burn and helps to cure ulcer. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium and above all it is low in calories.
Ayurveda recommends it for Urinary tract infections, Constipation, Acidity and Ulcer.
It can be eaten as it is or in the form of “Juice”, “Milk Shake” “Desert” or in any way one likes.
Just peel the skin, remove the seeds, cut it into small cubes, sprinkle little sugar and eat as it is.

Or put the pieces in a blender along with required sugar and litle water and blend it well. Serve chilled.

Try Water Melon Juice also.

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