Banana Stem (Vazhai Thandu)

Banana stem (Also called as “Vazhai Thandu” in Tamil) is rich in fiber content. It improves bowl movement and act as a good laxative. It helps eliminate and treat kidney stones and also removes toxins from the body. It cools the body and also very good for weight loss.
Banana Stem Soup and Juice are very healthy. It can also be cooked as a vegetable. We can make Poriyal, Kootu, Salad, Pachadi, Sambar, Mor Kuzhambu etc.
Have it at least once in a week in your diet and enjoy good health.
Vazhai Thandu (Banana Stem) Poriyal
Vazhai Thandu (Banana Stem) Pachadi
Vazhai Thandu (Banana Stem) Kootu


  1. "Reduces weight loss" is a very useful information for me, as I am trying to reduce weight. Thanks, Kamala.

  2. Hi Jhanani,

    Thank you for visiting my site. Eating these type of vegetables make us feel full and at the same time will not harm our health.

  3. I do agree. Hope I get this here in USA.

  4. i want to lose my weight i planned to drink banana stem juice regularly for a week pls tell is this will help me

  5. Hi Shanmuga,

    Drinking Banana stem juice just for a week may not help in a big way. To lose weight, you have plan your diet avoiding fatty food and including lots of vegetable and fruits and a balanced diet for stay healthy too.

  6. How much of this juice needs to be consumed on a daily basis?

  7. Hi Navin,

    It is like any other juice, one small glass per day is fine.

  8. Hi, I am looking for a banana stem in New jersey for treating kidney stone. Can you please tell me if there are any shops nearby which carries banana stem.. please send an email to [email protected].


  9. Hi, I am looking for a banana stem in New jersey for treating kidney stone. Can you please tell me if there are any shops nearby which carries banana stem.. please send an email to [email protected].


  10. I didn't know that banana stem can actually help you boost your health in a lot of ways. Thanks for sharing.

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe

  11. please inform the the name of the store where i can get banana stem juice and banana stem in New Jersey USA for treating kidney stones

    • Hi Suresh,

      I never saw “Banana stem” in US shops. However, if you ask the Indian store near your place, they may get it for you. But Banana stem juice is not available in the market even in India. Only banana stem soup is available and you have to cut the stem and boil with water. Then puree the juice by grinding and straining it.

  12. thank u very much for the response and i will follow Ur instructions

  13. How to prepare Vazaithandu juice to reduce weight & fat

    • Hi Bhaskar,

      Cut the banana stem into medium size pieces and put it in a mixie with little water and grind it to a fine puree. It should be taken as it is. Or cut it into big pieces and just grind it coarsely with water and strain it. This way the fibre contents is removed and you will get only clear juice. This juice may be added to buttermilk for better results.

  14. hi..i want to reduce weight…wil this really work? if thn il start drinkin it…

    • As you may be aware to reduce the weight, you should follow all the rules like proper diet, exercise and any medical advice etc. This juice will definitely help to reduce the weight, but be aware that it will take sometime.

  15. some people told me that drinkin this may affect the heart…is it true ?

  16. Sarika Saraogi

    I am underweight I have ibs and indigestion problem can I take banana stem juice if I will take how much I will take
    I want to increase my weight

    • Hi Banana stem juice is for weight reduction only. If you want to gain weight, there are lots of dishes available. But you have indigestion problem, better to seek doctor’s advice.

  17. Is dr something tat we have to take dis juice in empty stomach for weight reduction? Or at any comfortable timing will do?

  18. Hi madam. my doctor advise me that this is a initial stage for stone forming in your kidney. and he advise me to take only to drink plenty of water. can i take banana stem juice? advise me. i am a sugar patinet and my age is fifty four.

  19. Hi Bhagya,

    Last week I was able to find banana stem in apna bazar in Dayton NJ
    I was searching for them and finally was able to buy.Unlike in India it is not available in small sizes .

  20. M Karthikeyan

    After a long time i met my neighbour, At that time he lost his weight, huge difference also in his body shape, i asked u gone to gym or is there any crash crash diet for your weight loss, he said no.. he ask me to take Banana stem (1cup) & (SORAKAI vegetable in tamil (1 cup) put it into mixer and filter the juice, approx it will comes 1 small amt of glass juice. have it in empty stomach.. If u do it continuously for 2 months. u find a better difference. But my question is shall we take the Banana stem juice daily? is there any problem. my few well wishers told me if u take daily, later ur bones will lose the strength.. Pls advise me..

    • Hi Karthikeyan,

      Normally we use the banana stem in our cooking once in a while only. It is believed that banana stem will help weight reduction/kidney stone removal and ease bowl movement. If you want to try anything regularly for medical reason, better to take a doctor’s advice.

  21. if i do regular excersice and with proper diet food .and if i consume banana stem juice then within how many days i will losse my weight .pls give me a proper guide

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