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Chithirai Thirunal

Tamil New Year is on 14th April 2023. Tamil Nadu Government announced the first day of Tamil Month of “Thai” (Pongal Day) as Tamil New Year and passed orders to this effect. However, there is no change in the mind set of people in Tamil Nadu and all are preparing for the celebration which is adhered to for centuries. Even Government agencies, TV and Media are re-christened the Tamil New Year as “Chithirai Thirunal” and announcing celebrations.
Whatever the name we call it, it is an occasion for celebration for Tamilians all over the world. Let us celebrate it.
The highlight of the festival is the food prepared on the day. The main ingredients consist Mango (Sour), Jaggery (Sweet) and Neem flower (Bitter). This signifies all the different aspects of our life.
Mango Pachadi or Neem flower pachadi and Neem flower rasam are the special dishes for Tamil New Year. Some people make pachadi using both mango and neem flower.
Apart from the above, Poli, Payasam, Vadai are the special dishes made on the day.

Some Tamil New Year Recipes

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