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Adirasam is a popular South Indian sweet dish made during festivals like Diwali and special occasions. It is a deep-fried sweet made with rice flour, jaggery, and spices. Enjoy the delicious and crispy Adirasam as a festive dessert or as a sweet treat any time of the year.


Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: SweetsCuisine: Indian, TamilDifficulty: Medium


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Adirasam is a beloved South Indian dessert often made during festivals such as Diwali. This deep-fried sweet, crafted from rice flour, jaggery, and spices, can be enjoyed during celebratory events or as a year-round treat, presenting an enticing blend of delicious and crispy flavors.


  • Raw Rice – 4 cups

  • Jaggery powdered – 3 cups

  • Khus Khus – 1 teaspoon (optional)

  • Dry Ginger Powder – 1 teaspoon

  • Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

  • Oil – for deep frying

  • Ghee – two to three teaspoon


  • Wash the rice well and soak it in water for about one to two hours.
  • Drain the water completely and spread it in a clean cloth and leave it for just 5 to 10 minutes to enable the cloth to absorb any water content in the rice.
  • Still the rice should have moisture content in it. If you touch the rice, you should feel damp in your palm and few rice will stick to your hand.
  • Put the rice in a mixie jar and grind it to a fine powder. Sieve it and keep it closed with a lid so that it will not dry.
  • Dry roast the khus khus (if you are using) till it is slightly brown and keep it aside.
  • Add 2 cups water to the jaggery powder and make a soft ball consistency syrup. (If you put little syrup in cold water, it should stay under the water and if you remove it with your fingers, you will be able to gather it to a soft ball or a soft pearl).
  • At this stage, switch off the stove.
  • Add the fried khus khus, dry ginger powder and cardamom powder. Mix well.
  • Add the rice flour little by little and keep stirring while you add the flour. Mix well. It looks semi solid now and will harden once it cooled down.
  • Transfer to another bowl and sprinkle little ghee over the dough (to prevent drying) and keep it aside for at least one day.
  • Next day, start preparing the adirasam.
  • Heat oil in a kadai. Apply ghee to your hands, take little dough and make a lemon sized ball. Flatten them round like a small disc. Drop gently in the hot oil and deep fry on medium flame till it becomes golden brown.
  • Remove and press it using a flat spoon or small bowl so that the excess oil will drain off.
  • For the above quantity, you will get 30 to 35 adirasams.

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  • When you are soaking rice, you can add one more cup of rice and make powder. Sometimes, the quality of rice and jaggery may differ and we need more or less rice powder. Hence, when you are adding rice flour to the jaggery syrup, you can add till you get a thick flowing consistency dough and stop adding rice flour. This way we will get right dough.
  • You can prepare adirasam immediately. However if you keep this dough over night and prepare adirasam on next day, adirasam will be soft and more tasty.
  • If you find the flour is too hard to make balls, then just sprinkle little hot water and make the dough soft.
  • Also make sure you use only “Paagu” vellam.
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