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Fruit Payasam


Mix custard powder with little cold milk and keep aside.

For mixed fruit pieces, you can use any fruits available. I used apple, Chikko, Papaya, Pomegranate and orange.

Cut the fruits into small cubes. Put 1/4 cup sugar in a vessel and add just enough water to cover the sugar. Bring to boil. When it starts boiling, add fruit pieces and allow to cook in the syrup for five minutes. Remove and keep aside.

Fry cashew nuts and raisins in a teaspoon of ghee and keep aside.

Boil milk and when it starts boiling, reduce the heat and slowly add the milk mixed with custard. Add sugar and stir well. Keep the flame on medium and allow the milk to boil again. Add the fruit pieces and stir well. Add fried cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom powder. Cook for few more minutes and remove.

This can be served hot or chilled.

Note: If you do not have custurd powder, you can add rice flower. Actually I have added oats powder to this Payasam.

Also, instead of adding crystal sugar, if we add powdered sugar, the milk stays thick and will not become watery.

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