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2019 Navaratri (Sep 29 – Oct 8)

The nine day festival of Navaratri, season of rejoicing and celebration, is a combination of many concepts, but the most common theme is the victory of good over evil. This year the festival starts on September 29th and ends on October 8th.

The most significant part of Navaratri is the setting up of “Kolu” or “Golu”. Dolls (mostly of various gods and goddesses in Hindu pantheon) are arranged in wooden steps (now available in steel also) in a prescribed order.

The number of steps depends on the availability of the dolls and space available. The maximum number is nine – representing the nine days of Navaratri . Usually, the steps erected are in odd numbers – 3, 5, 7 or 9. Now it is more creative than religious and people arrange “Theme Kolu”, “Modern Kolu” etc., where electronic items also find a place. Whatever way we celebrate “Kolu”, it is time for enjoyment and get together.

Navaratri is never complete without the different kinds of sundal made every evening.

Check out some of the Sundal Recipes:

Apart from Sundal, on Navarathri Friday, Sweet Puttu is also prepared. This puttu is traditionally prepared with fresh rice flour (steamed) and thick jaggery syrup is added along with little ghee, coconut gratings and cardamom powder. Since it takes a lot of time to make from scratch, I have shared some easy Puttu recipes with ready made flours/Aval (Poha) are given below:

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