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Avaraikai (Broad Beans)

Broad beans, also known as Avaraikai in Tamil, are a nutrient-dense food rich in protein, fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, and iron. Avaraikai, also called flat beans, are tender with small seeds and have a pale green color. They can be cooked whole like French beans.

Mochaikai resembles Avaraikai but is dark green in color and has a pod-like green pea appearance. To use Mochaikai in cooking, the pods must be peeled, and the seeds, known as “Pachai Mochai Kottai,” must be removed. Mochaikai is typically available from December to January.

Tender Avaraikai is considered a healthy addition to “Pathiya Sappaadu.” A variety of dishes can be made with Avaraikai, including sambar, kootu, poriyal, poricha kuzhambu, and puzhi kuzhambu.


Recipes made with Avaraikkai

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