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Pongal Recipes and Kolangal

The Harvest festival of South India (Pongal) begins on Jan 15th, 2024. It is also known as “Thanksgiving Time”, when we express gratitude to God, the Sun, the Earth, and their Cattle for the bountiful harvest. The festival spans four days: “Bogi” on the first day, “Pongal” (also called Surya Pongal) on the second day, “Mattu Pongal” on the third day, and “Kannum Pongal” on the fourth day. Join in the festive celebrations and enjoy the pongal recipes provided below.

Poli is the traditional dish made on Bogi Day. So, enjoy Sweet Dhal Poli or Sweet Wheat Poli on this festive occasion.

Pongal Recipes

Pongal Kolangal

The most important tradition of the Pongal festival is, drawing Kolam. All the houses are adorned with beautiful and colourful Kolams. Elaborate designs are drawn at the entrance of the house and one of the most popular designs on this day is Pongal Pot. Here are some below and more pongal kolangal at Kolangal.

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