About Us

A cook in the kitchen is never solitary; they stand among the legacy of past cooks and the guidance and recipes of contemporaries. Precision is key in baking, adhering strictly to the directions; yet in cooking, one is encouraged to rely on personal taste.

My name is Kamala Swaminathan, a passionate food aficionado from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, now contentedly residing in Chennai. With nearly 60 years of cooking experience, I possess an extensive collection of reliable recipes, which include traditional South Indian vegetarian fare as well as some adapted versions. In 2006, I launched this blog to chronicle my culinary journey and to share my recipes with fellow enthusiasts.

I take pleasure in writing in my mother tongue, Tamil, and some of my recipes are available in Tamil at அடுப்பங்கரை. Furthermore, my blog Kolangal celebrates my love for Kolam (Rangoli). You can view my videos at my YouTube channel, kamalascornerdotcom.

Thank you for exploring my blog! Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or through the provided contact form. Enjoy your visit!