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Grinch Fruit Kabobs

This is my grand-daughter’s preparation for a Christmas Party. Cut the banana into small slices as shown in the pictures. Then cut the head of the strawberries and make it flat on one side. Now insert the fruits into the skewers or tooth picks and arrange it on a plate.  […]


Acchu Murukku

“Acchu Murukku” also known as “Achappam” or “Rose cookie” is a mild sweet Murukku, normally prepared during Christmas time. To prepare this Murukku, you will need a special mould fixed on a long handle that can be dipped in hot oil. When you put the mould in the hot oil, […]

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Indian Christmas Recipes

Christmas time is here once again and it is the season of peace and goodwill. This is a time for caring and sharing family and friends. It is also a time of feasting. Apart from varieties of cakes, cookies and other sweets following are some of the special items prepared […]



Kulkuls are the sweet prepared all over India at Christmas time. This is normally made with maida, egg, coconut milk and sugar. I prepared this without egg and it really tastes good. A perfect Christmas sweet to be shared with family and friends.