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Tamil New Year is on 14th April 2021

Tamil New Year also known as “Varusha Pirapu” is on 14th April 2021. It is a time for celebrating new and prosperous beginnings. The common foods prepared for this day are made of Mango (Sour), Jaggery (Sweet) and Neem flower (Bitter) to signify the different aspects of our life. Mango Pachadi or […]


Neem Flower (Veppam Poo)

Veppam poo is a must for the Tamil New Year Day. It is added to any one of the dishes which signifies, apart from the medicinal value, life’s bitter part and it should be accepted. Normally Veppam poo is added to the mango pachadi. Veppam Poo Rasam is also another […]