Papaya Halwa


  • Ripe papaya (cut into small pieces) – 2 tea cups
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Rice flour – 1 tablespoon
  • Ghee – 3 to 4 tablespoons
  • Cardamom Powder – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Cashewnuts – few


  1. In a kadai put one teaspoon ghee and fry the cashew nuts and keep it. Same kadai put the rice flour and fry slightly and remove it.
  2. Boil milk and cool it. Add fried rice flour to the cold milk and stir well. Keep aside. (Rice flour is added to get the halwa thicken quickly). Use thick milk.
  3. Put the papaya pieces in a mixie and grind it to a smooth puree.
  4. Pour this puree in a thick bottomed vessel and stir continuously for seven to ten minutes.
  5. Then add sugar and mix well. Taste it for sweetness now and if require you can add little more sugar.
  6. Stir continuously till it blends well with the puree.
  7. Now add milk and stir continously for five to ten minutes.
  8. Add one or two teaspoon of ghee and mix well.
  9. Keep it on medium flame and stir continuusly adding little ghee now and then till it leaves the sides of the vessel and become thick.
  10. Add cardamom powder and fried cashew nuts and mix well.
  11. Remove from stove and transfer it to a greased plate or bowl.


  1. Lakshmi Venkatesh

    Papaya Halwa looks very tempting.

  2. Great color Kamala, wish I could get a sweet Papaya here!

  3. I never heard papaya halwa…and trust me this looks so gud….I just can’t stop drooling…thanks for such wonderful recipes dear

  4. That’s one colourful and gorgeous looking Halwa i have ever seen.Will definitetly try it.


  5. I had no idea that you could make halwa out of papaya. Very creative.


  6. Extremely interesting dish Kamala. Will try it one day. Thank you!

  7. Hi Asha, Priti, Lakshmi, Sarita and Viji,

    Thank you all for visiting my site and your comments.

  8. Hi Lakshmi Venkatesh,

    Thank you for visiting my site. This halwa tastes good and noboby can find out the ingredients unless you tell them.

  9. simplysara

    Hi kamala very nice sweet. i wish to invite you to Foodbuzz if u r interested pls mail at [email protected].

  10. yes, i never heard about this halwa but it sound wonderful. but here i feel if we add mawa to it how it wud be.? thanks

  11. Hi Shaikh,

    Yes. You can add mawa. But the halwa will taste like milk sweet.

  12. kamalabhoopathy

    looking very nice. very much creative dish planning to try

  13. Hi Kamalabhoopathy,

    Welcome to my site. Please let me know your comments once you prepared this halwa.

  14. I just made this, and it is absolutely fabulous!

    I tried it because I was trying to reproduce the prasad we were served a couple of times at my Guru-ji's ashram in Jharkhand, and I am certain this is very close indeed to their recipe!

    Thank you so much Kamala Ma, this takes me straight back to the side of my Guru-ji, so many thousands of miles away.

    Namo Narayan!

  15. Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Nice to note that you tried this recipe and you liked it.

  16. OMG..what a pictures.. genius.i hope its tastes good as it looks good..

  17. Thank you Ambica for visiting my blog. It tastes good too.

  18. Raji Raghavan

    Hi! Kamala, I have been visiting yr site. Today only I saw wonderful recipes and especially the papaya halwa. I am definitely going to try it but with jaggery instead of sugar.
    thanks for s fine recipe.

  19. It is really good dessert. Good trying with a fruit.

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