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Pineapple Cold Soup

Cut the pineapple into medium size pieces. (Reserve two or three pieces for garnishing). Now add the cut pineapple pieces in a mixie along with ginger, mint, coriander leaves, jaggery, little water and make a fine puree. Then strain the puree. Add salt, pepper and fried cumin powder (cumin should […]


Pineapple Gojju

Gojju is a classic Kannadiga dish. It is a sweet, sour and spicy gravy. It is prepared with many types of vegetables like brinjal, bittergourd, okra etc. However, pineapple gojju is very familiar and served in traditional South Karnataka Weddings.


Pineapple Sweet Pongal

Pressure cook the rice along with 2 cups milk and one cup water for three to four whistles. When it is cool, open the cooker and mash it with back of a spoon. Keep it on low flame and add sugar. Stir continuously. When the sugar melts and blends well […]