Bananas are packed with health benefits. It is the best source of potassium. A banana a day may help to prevent high blood pressure. It gives soothing protection from ulcer. It also protects eye sight and helps to get strong bones.

There are varieties of bananas with red, green and yellow peel. Even though they all taste the same and have the same nutritional values like yellow bananas, the red variety (called Sevvazhai in Tamil) contains more carotene and healthier than other varieties.

The red banana is widely grown in Kerala and Kanya Kumari district. They are expensive and served during weddings or during festivals.


  1. Auntie how to select a good red banana ready for eating? I find it takes a very long time to ripe
    and sometimes I feel so long that it doesn’t taste good at that point. It will even start to darken and I feel by its looks it’s not good to eat, and it won’t peel back easily.

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