Agar Agar Pudding


  • Gits Bombay Halwa Mix – 1 small packet (80 gms)
  • Lukewarm Milk – 2 cups

When I got a packet of “Gits” instant Bombay Halwa Mix, I thought it is a combination of maida and other ingredients. However, when I read the ingredients, I understand it is made from China Grass (Agar Agar).

Agar Agar (China Grass) is a pure vegetarian food product extracted from different types of seaweed or sea red algae. It acts as a perfect “Slimming Diet” and cools the body.
Usually Halwa is little chewy with lot of ghee in it. Since this recipe does not need any ghee, I thought naming it “Halwa” as mentioned in the Instant Mix packet, will not properly describe this recipe. So, I call it “Pudding”.

Put the Gits Bombay Halwa Mix in a thick bottomed vessel and add 2 cups of lukewarm milk and mix well. Keep it on a medium flame and stir continuously till it boils well. If you allow to boil for five to seven minutes, it looks like a thick kheer. Pour it on a tray or plate.
Allow to set for 30 to 45 minutes. Then using a sharp knife cut it into desired size pieces. You will get approximately 20 pieces.
Note: You can pour the mixture into small bowls and when set, turn it down and remove the pudding.


  1. Sara's Corner

    Looks tempting nice recipe.

  2. ஆமாம் இது பல வகைகளில் நாங்கள் நோன்பு காலங்களில் செய்வோம், ரொம்ப நல்ல இருக்கும்

  3. Hi i would like to know where can i get the Gits halwa mix powder in Bangalore. please mail me at [email protected]

  4. kamala intha halwa taste eppadi irukkum..imean does it taste like chewy or normal bakery shop reply i like to do this for my get together..

  5. thanks for ur reply kamala…

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