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Chikoo (Sapota) Milk Shake

Method: Remove the skin and the seeds from the fruit. Cut it into medium size pieces. Put it in a mixie along with sugar and grind it to a fine puree. Then add the milk and run for one to two seconds. Serve chilled. Tips: You can add one tablespoon […]


Fruit Salad

Method: You can make fruit salad with any number of seasonal and available fruits. I made the  fruit salad using the fruits listed here. Cut apple, pineapple, papaya and guava into medium size pieces. Cut the pomegranate and separate the pearls. Cut the cherry into two to three pieces. Heat […]


Fruit Payasam

Method: Mix custard powder with little cold milk and keep aside. For mixed fruit pieces, you can use any fruits available. I used apple, Chikko, Papaya, Pomegranate and orange. Cut the fruits into small cubes. Put 1/4 cup sugar in a vessel and add just enough water to cover the […]


Chikoo (Sapota) Fruit

Chikoo Fruit (called as “Sapota pazham” in Tamil Nadu) is a rich source of digestible sugar, protein, fibre and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and iron. The milk like substance (the latex) extracted from the chikoo stem is gummy in structure and used to make the chewing gum. Chicklet is made […]



Pomegranate is a fruit that is native to regions in Iran and the Himalayas. It has a unique appearance with a thick, leathery skin and a crown-like shape on the top. Inside, the fruit is filled with numerous juicy seeds called arils, which are surrounded by a tart, sweet, and […]