Chikoo (Sapota) Milk Shake


Remove the skin and the seeds from the fruit. Cut it into medium size pieces. Put it in a mixie along with sugar and grind it to a fine puree. Then add the milk and run for one to two seconds. Serve chilled.

Tips: You can add one tablespoon cream or milk powder while grinding the fruit pieces to get rich shake.

I have added one tablespoon “MTR Badam Mix” in the above recipe and it tastes good.


  1. hi kamala,
    i tried today, the taste is good.
    but i am left with sticky juice jar.
    Please tell me the way to avoid that if any..

    • Hi Ramya,

      May be it is due to the milk or the cream you have added. If you want to avoid this, then just grind the chikoo and add the puree to the milk and beat it with a spoon or hand blender.

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