• Urad dhal – 2 cups
  • Rice – 2 tablespoon
  • Sugar – 4 cups
  • Kesari Powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Cardamom Powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Rose essence – few drops
  • Sliced almond – 1/2 teaspoon for garnishing
  • Refined oil for deep frying

To make the jangiri you need thick cloth with small hole.
(Take a thick cotton cloth 1 x 1 foot and make a hole of 3mm diameter in the centre of the cloth. Stitch around the hole, like button stitching, either by machine or hand)


  1. Soak Urad dhal and rice in water for 2 to 3 hours. Wash it thoroughly and grind it in a wet grinder to a smooth thick batter (Like vada batter) sprinkling little water now and then. The batter should be of very fine paste and it will take atleast 45 minutes to one hour to grind to that consistency. To test the correct consistency of the batter, take a small lump of batter and put in a cup of water. The dough should float on top.
  2. Before removing add little kesari color in the batter and again grind little while so that the color will blend well with the batter.
  3. Add 3 cups of water to the sugar and a pinch of kesari color and make syrup of 1/2 string consistency. Add cardamom powder and rose essence. Keep it on low fire on one burner.
  4. In another burner put a kadai and pour enough refined oil.
  5. Wet the cloth in water and squeeze out the excess water. The cloth must be wet, but should not have any water content.
  6. Put a lump of urad dhal batter in the middle of the cloth and bring all the corners of the cloth into middle and hold in your hand. Press the cloth bundle directly over the hot oil so that the batter will come out. Make a circular motion of your hand while pressing the bundle so that the batter drops into a circular shape.
  7. After making one circle, keep on making small rounds along the sides of the circle so that you get small coils around the circle.
  8. (It requires some practice. If you do not get the correct shape, do not worry. Make two three circles like murukku).
  9. Make 3 to 4 jangiris at a time and fry till it turns golden and crisp. Remove them from the oil and drop them one by one into hot syrup. It will float on the syrup. Hold it down with a help of big ladle. In 30 seconds, it will be well soaked. Remove it from the syrup and arrange it on a tray. Garnish with sliced almond.
  10. Note: You can use Icing Pipe with round nozzle (instead of cloth).


  1. Hi Kamala,

    I’am always getting Jangiri very Soggy…i tried number of attempts ,each in a different way….but my jangiri is always soggy…can you give me some tips to avoid this?

    • Hi Janu,

      To get crispy jangiri, the urad dhal dough should be firm but soft. Fry it in moderate heat till it is crip. Sugar syrup must be correct texture. Do not oversoak.

  2. M.Kalavathi

    For jangiri, what is ratio for URAD & RICE to get a correct batter. Also update me with QUANTUM OF SUGAR TO BE USED.

  3. what is the shelf life of it?

  4. Priya Rajendran

    I tried jangiri yesterday and it was awesome… thank you so much mami…
    Even though I used a mixie to grind the paruppu, I soaked it for 2 hours and drained excess water by placing it over a sieve for another 2 hours to get the correct batter consistency.
    I also used icing sugar decorator instead of piping bag. Though it was my first time try, it came out so well ( including shape).
    Please post some toddler foods also. Thanks

  5. I love your recipes. After I got married your site helped me a lot in getting good name from everyone :)
    For this deepavali I m trying to impress my family with Jangiri. Please let me know how many jangiris will this quantity yield. And also you didn’t mention the rice variety.

    Thank u in advance

    • Hi Surya,

      Thank you for your kind words. You will get 25 to 30 small size Jangiri for this quantity. Raw rice is used in this recipe. To get perfect jangiri, you have to grind it in wet grinder. Also first try with small quantity since it requires some practice.

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