Broccoli Masala Dosai

This dosai made with broccoli filings is similar to the classic potato masala dosai. It is served with sambar and chutney. This Broccoli masala can also be served with chapatti/roti.

Broccoli Masala Dosai

Recipe by S Kamala
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This dosai made with broccoli filings is similar to the classic potato masala dosai. It is served with sambar and chutney. This Broccoli masala can also be served with chapatti/roti.


  • Regular Dosa Batter – 1 bowl

  • Broccoli – 1 big size

  • Onion – 1

  • Tomato – 2

  • Garlic flakes (small size) – 3 to 4

  • Fresh ginger – a small piece

  • Sombu (Fennel seeds) – 1 teaspoon

  • Jeeragam (Cumin) – 1 teaspoon

  • Cashew nuts – 5 to 6

  • Sambar Powder – 2 teaspoons

  • Turmeric Powder – a pinch

  • Oil – 1 tablespoon

  • Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste


  • To prepare the Masala:
  • Separate the florets and cut it into medium size pieces lengthwise. 
  • Boil 4 to 5 cups of water and add a pinch of salt. Add broccoli pieces and just allow to boil for few seconds and remove.
  • Chop onion finely. Chop ginger and garlic finely or just pound it coarsely.
  • Put the tomatoes in boiling water for few minutes. Take it out, peel the skin and grind it to a fine puree.
  • Grind cashew nuts separately with little water to a fine paste.
  • In a kadai put the oil and when it is hot add cumin, fennel seeds. 
  • Then add chopped ginger and garlic and fry for few seconds. 
  • Then add chopped onion and fry till it become transparent. 
  • Add tomato puree and stir well. 
  • Add sambar powder, turmeric powder and salt. Mix  well and fry for few seconds. 
  • Then add cashew nut paste and blanched broccoli pieces.  Add little water and stir well.  Cover with a lid and cook till it the broccoli is soft and the gravy is thick.
  • To make the Dosai:
  • Heat a tawa.
  • Grease it and pour a ladle of dosa batter and spread it round.
  • Pour little oil around it and cook till it starts browning.
  • Add a tablespoon of broccoli masala in the center of the dosai and fold it. Gently turn it and cook for just few seconds and remove.
  • Serve with sambar and chutney.


  1. wow such a new dish!very innovative!

  2. Very nice receive. Could you also tell how to do Palak kurma

  3. Sorry .. Misspelt recipe

  4. Sorry I was asking about Palak kurma

  5. sindhu baalan

    really nice work …………and thank you for your guide ……… we are new to kitchen its working really nice for us

  6. To cook the stir-fry, heat a wok or large fry pan over high heat. Once hot, add the oil, followed by the ginger and garlic. Let it cook for just a few seconds before discarding. The ginger and garlic are used to infuse the oil.

  7. Hello Kamala, I just stumbled on your site & I must say it is really exciting. There are so many lovely food recipes. However I am still not able to do a proper idli or dosa batter.! Can you pls help with your expertise. Tq very much & keep sending your wonderful recipes.!

    • Thank you for visiting my site Boni Nair. Preparation of good idli/dosa batter depends on the following:

      1. Quality of rice and urad dhal
      2. Grinding to the correct texture (I recommend grinding in the “Wet Grinder”)
      3. Fermentation – (It depends on the weather prevailing at your place)

      Normally 4:1 is the ratio for Rice and dhal used in most part of the Tamilnadu. However, depending on the quality of rice and weather condition, you can use 3:1 also. Grinding is very important. Grind Urad dhal till it is very soft and frothy. Rice should be ground slightly coarse). Mix both and allow to ferment over night. For some other tips check my idli recipe

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