Carrot Kurma

Carrot kurma is a delicious Indian dish made with carrots cooked in a creamy and flavorful sauce. It is a popular vegetarian dish that is usually served with rice or flatbread. 

Carrot Kurma

Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: GraviesCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Try our delicious and nutritious Carrot and Green Peas Kurma, a perfect accompaniment to Indian breads such as chapathi or naan.


  • Carrots – 2 Nos

  • Green Peas – 1/2 cup

  • Potato – 1

  • Tomato – 1

  • Big Onion – 1

  • Red Chilli Powder – 1 teaspoon

  • Turmeric Powder – 1/4 teaspoon

  • Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste

  • To grind:
  • Fresh ginger – small piece

  • Garlic – 2 flakes

  • Cashew Nuts – 5 to 6 Nos

  • Khus Khus – 1 teaspoon

  • Roasted Gram (Pottukadalai) – 1 tablespoon

  • Coconut gratings – 2 tablespoon

  • Green chilli – 2 Nos

  • For seasoning:
  • Oil – 2 tablespoon

  • Cinnamon stick – 1 small piece

  • Cloves 2 Nos

  • Fennel Seeds (Sombu) – 1 teaspoon


  • Begin by washing the carrots thoroughly. After scraping off the skin, cut them into small, even pieces. Similarly, scrape the skin from the potatoes and cut them to match the size of the carrot pieces.
  • Finely chop the onion and tomato, setting them aside for later.
  • Prepare a paste by grinding together ginger, garlic, cashew nuts, khus khus (poppy seeds), roasted gram (Pottukadalai), coconut gratings, and green chilli. The paste should be smooth and well-blended.
  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker over medium heat. Once hot, add cinnamon, cloves, and sombu (fennel seeds), frying them briefly to release their flavors.
  • Next, add the chopped onion, sautéing it until it becomes transparent and soft.
  • Follow with the tomato pieces, frying them for about a minute until they begin to break down.
  • Stir in red chilli powder, turmeric powder, and salt, mixing well to coat the onions and tomatoes evenly.
  • Now, add the prepared carrot, peas and potato pieces, stirring once more to combine them with the spiced onion and tomato mixture.
  • Pour in the ground paste, along with a cup of water of water. Stir everything together, making sure the vegetables are well-coated with the paste.
  • Secure the lid on the pressure cooker and cook for 2 to 3 whistles, or until the vegetables are tender and the flavors have melded together.
  • Carefully remove the cooker from the stove and allow the pressure to release naturally.
  • Finally, garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves, adding a burst of color and flavor.
  • Your rich and aromatic vegetable curry is now ready to be served, ideally alongside fresh naan, rice, or your choice of bread. Enjoy this hearty and satisfying dish!

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  • You may also add few drops of lemon juice before serving.


  1. Hi Kamala, i tried this dish exactly with the quantities which you have mentioned it came nice “Yummy” really good ya..

  2. Carrot Kuruma comes nicely everybody try it …

  3. I tried the and it was awesome.. I just loved it …. Your Recipes are gr88888

  4. I made the kuruma today. It came out very nice. My husband and my 5 yr old son liked it very much. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  5. nowadays its became an usual dish for roti in my home….taste good…thank u for ur yummy recipes

  6. Hello aunty ,
    I tried. Uŕ recipe and it came out very well . But i forgot to add lime juice .

    Is it necessary to add lime juice . Kindly reply me .
    thanks in advance
    – mini .

    • Thank you Mini for trying this kurma and sending your feedback. Lime juice will give slight tangy taste to the kurma since carrots are sweet in nature. However, it is not a must.

  7. I tried it and came out good…..
    ppl do try urself….

    thank u kamala mam….
    awesome with roti…


  8. Lakshanya

    Easy to make. Goes well with Pudhina rice.

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