Pepper Kuzhambu


  • Black Pepper – 1 tablespoon
  • Jeera – 1/2 tablespoon
  • Garlic – 1 whole garlic
  • Tamarind – Small lemon size
  • Sambar Powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Turmeric Powder – a pinch
  • Sambar Onion – 5 to 6 Nos
  • Curry Leaves – few
  • Gingelley Oil – 2 to 3 tablespoons
  • Mustard – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste


  1. Soak tamarind in water and squeeze the juice. (You can also use tamarind paste mixed with water). The tamarind water should be one cup. Add sambar powder and turmeric powder to the tamarind water and stir well. Keep it aside.
  2. Take out garlic flakes and peel the skin. Garlic flakes should be 10 to 15 Nos of medium size.
  3. Chop onion finely.
  4. In a kadai put a teaspoon of oil and fry the pepper first. When it starts pops up, remove. Add jeera in the same kadai and fry till it is hot to touch. Remove and keep it along with fried pepper. Same kadai add one more teaspoon of oil and add garlic flakes. Fry the garlic till it turns light brown. Remove and cool it. Grind fried pepper, jeera and garlic together to a fine paste. Wash the mixie with little water and add to the paste.
  5. In a thick bottomed vessel, pour the remaining oil. When it is hot, add mustard. When it pops up, add chopped onion, curry leaves and fry just for second. Then Add tamarind water and stir well. Add salt and bring to boil. When it starts boiling, add the pepper paste and mix well. Allow to boil just for a second. No need to boil for longer time.
  6. The kuzhambu is ready now. It tends to increase the body heat. So this kuzhambu is an ideal dish in cold weather.
  7. Can be served with grilled appalam.


  1. ashwin_bharathi

    all the receipes are wonderful,so many blogs i have seen,but this much nice varities i have never seen,particularly kulambu receipes. wonderful blog.thank u

  2. Hi Bharathi,
    Thank you for visiting my site and your comments.

  3. hi kamala,
    I tried this recipe yesterday at home, and my husband absolutely loved it. He kept icking his fingers and taking 2nd helpings of rice..
    lovely..truely….thank u so much!

  4. Hi Mindhaven

    Nice to hear that your husband liked the kuzhambu. You have prepared the Kuzhambu in a right time. Yes this is winter special kuzhambu and keeps us warm. Thank you for visiting my site and your comments.

  5. Actually, I’m from Malaysia,and it’s summer throughout the year!:)..However, having followed one of your recipes, I frequent your website now because the curries are easy to follow, tasty, and delicious…:)..thanks a lot!


    Have you copied from this or have they copied from you?????

  7. Hi subs,

    I need not copy any recipe from others. My very purpose of maintaining my cooking site is to put all my tested and tasted recipes in one place. is publishing my recipes with due mention to my site. If you notice on the top of the recipe published in, you will find that they have given my site name.

    Anyway thank you for informing me about this.

  8. Dear Mam,
    One day I was alone at home and dont know how to cook. So, I was searching for a good recipe in net. I found your Milagu Kuzhambu recipe and prepared by myself. It was very superb and still now it is one of my favourite recipe. Thanks for your post. Keep up the good work.

    Arun Kumar

  9. Hi Sarvan,

    Welcome to my site. I am happy to note that you tried this recipe and you liked it.

  10. Hi,

    I tried this recipe today.I tried with vathal kulambu powder instead of sambar powder.It was very tasty.Thanks for such a great recipe.


  11. Hey Kamala!

    Ur blog has stirred the interest in me to cook! Tried ur pepper kozambu and maida halwa today – both turned out nice.. Thanks for ur site.


  12. Hi kamala madam,
    i tried ur pepper kuzhambu today..ya its very delicious i never ever eat like dis before..its was soo good..i like dis dish..i became ur best wishes to ur new up comin recipes..

  13. Dear Madam , I am new to this Blog ….All Mind Blowing Recipes . Especially luv all your Oats Recipes . Tried out Varzhai Thandu kootu and Oats Pongal . Adipoli .Thanx a ton . Wid regards, maya

  14. Dear Kamala Ma’am,

    Your website is so so close to my heart as all of the recipes are authentic South Indian and are turning out very well when I try them. Everyone at home like what I cook following your recipes. Thank You!

    The pepper kuzhambu is a massive hit in my house and it has become my comfort food but I cooked it yesterday adding too much garlic( used 10 large sized pods) and it is tasting very hot. I can feel the heat in my throat, same with my husband.

    Is there anyway to correct this?:( I still love the kuzhambu but if there’s a way to reduce the garlic’s kaaram it would be fat. Thanks!

    • Hi Julia,

      Thank you for your feedback. To reduce the garlic flavour, you can add little coconut paste or tamarind paste. However the taste will be different. I use very small size garlic flakes.

  15. I meant to type “great” instead of “fat” in the last line. Sorry for the typo.

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