Chocolate Burfi


  • Maida – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 2 cups
  • Milk Powder – ½ cup
  • Coco or baking chocolate powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Ghee – 4 to 5 tablespoon
  • Warm Milk – ½ cup

Put ghee in a kadai and heat it. Add maida to the ghee and fry for two to three minutes or till you get nice aroma. Remove it and add milk powder and mix thoroughly. Keep it aside.
Stir coco or chocolate powder in the warm milk and keep it.
Put ½ cup water to the sugar and boil it till it reaches soft ball consistency. Add maida little by little and mix well. Add the chocolate mixed with the milk and stir thoroughly. Stir continuously till it become thick and leaves the sides of the vessel. Put it in a greased plate and spread it. When it is cool, cut it into squares.
Note: You can also make this burfi using bournvita or drinking chocolate instead of coco. In that case use ½ cup bournvita or drinking chocolate. You can also add condensed milk instead of milk powder.
You can make double colour burfi also. First make the burfi only with maida and milk powder and add vanilla or any desired essence and spread it on a greased plate. Cool it thoroughly. Then make the above chocolate burfi and pour over the maida burfi already prepared. Spread it and cool it. When it is cool, cut it into desired shape.


  1. Savitharajsspiceland

    Very nice Recipe!!

  2. Hi Savitharajsspiceland,

    Welcome to my site. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Madhura Manoj

    looks yummy…….

  4. Hi Madhura Manoj,

    Thank you for visiting my site and your comments.

  5. Mrudula Rao

    Hi Kamala

    Just while browsing for chocolate burfi stumbled upon ur site and it is nice!!

    btw, can we use boost also instead of cocoa powder..??

    waiting for ur reply


  6. Hi,

    Yes. You can use. But increase the quantity and mix it with warm milk and add it.

  7. Hi kamala,

    Can u please post a complete step-by-step procedure for cooking using microwave oven.. For my marriage I was gifted with Onida Microwave oven, but I have no idea about it's usage and also i am scared as somebody told it is sensitive to few kinds of materials.

    Hope i m not troubling u.. 🙂


  8. Hi,

    For microwave cooking, you need microwavable plates, bowls etc which you will get in shops. You must be having it with your Microwave Oven also. You should not put stainless steel vessels. Other than this, you need not worry about cooking in microwave.

    For recipes, you can check with Cooking4all seasons blog. You will find lots of microwave recipes.

    I will also try to put microwave recipes soon.

  9. Hi Kamala,

    Good looking chocolate burfis.. Please post more recipes on burfis/pedas.. 🙂


  10. Hi Nagashree,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have already posted some burfis. Please check "Sweets" category in my blog. I will post more burfi recipes soon.

  11. Hi kamala
    This is one of my favorite sweets from childhood.Me and my husband tried it today. I am very grateful to you for posting this recipe.
    We had some problem in getting the burfi in right consistency.It did not become solid at the end. It was like alwa in liquid form.Can you please tell us what mistake we would have done?

    Thank you once again….

    Subha.(your big fan)

  12. Hi Subha,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. The sugar syrup should be in right consistency. For this burfi when you make the syrup, just to test it by putting few drops in a bowl of water. It will set under the water and if you try to take it out with your fingers, it will come out and you will be able to make a soft ball from that. In this stage you have to add the other ingredients. Then it will set perfect.

  13. is it milk powder necessary for this recipe or we can omit it?

  14. Hi Viji,

    If you add milk powder, it tastes good. You can omit milk powder, but sometime it may tastes slightly bitter. Instead of milk powder, you can use milk khoya also.

  15. What is ‘soft ball’ consistency? I am planning to make this next weekend for deepavali and need your help! Thank you!

    • Hi Srividhya,

      When you make sugar syrup, once it starts boiling, put few drops of the syrup in a bowl of water. It will set under the water and if you try to take it out with your fingers, it will come out and you will be able to make a soft ball from that. When you put the syrup in water, if it is melted then you have to boil the syrup for some more time till you get the above consistency. If you boil for more time, then the syrup will become hard and burfi will also break and hard. Take care and get the correct consistency. If you are not sure of the consistency, then allow the syrup to boil and touch it with your fingers and if it sticks then add the maida and stir it on low flame and add coco mixture and prepare. For first time, you can go for single layer burfi. Please do let me know the outcome. Good Luck and Best wishes for a perfect burfi.

  16. can we make this burfi in microwawe oven if yes then please tell the method

  17. Eshwari Ganesh


    I have not tried this recipe, yet. But, I have tried many of your other sweet recipes, my hubby has become a great fan of my cooking now. Thanks to you. Well, I have a request for you. For some difficult recipes please put photos, if possible for novice like me. And, do you have a recipe for restaurant style vegetable biryani

  18. Akka, I have a doubt.
    With the measures that is mentioned for the chocolate burfi, approximately how many pieces can be made?


  19. hmm. Kamala aunty, i hvnt tried it yet. But i think it wil definitely taste gud. I m mainly afraid of preparin things on my own as if anythn goes wrong then… I wil sit with my mom n tell u how it is.

  20. Tried it and its awesome . Thank you so much

  21. hi mam ..,
    i jus tried tis tastes good
    but the consistency was really bad 🙁
    it was not lyk urs …it was sticky..lyk halwa.. why it hapened so mam.. could u pls tell me what mistak i would hav done

    • Hi Sathya,

      It seems, the sugar syrup is not at right consistency and the dough not cooked well. You have to make thick sugar syrup and cook till the dough leaves the sides of the vessel. If you take little dough and press with your fingers, you will feel it is very sticky and not soft like halwa. Then you can transfer it to a greased plate and allow to cool. Still if you find it very soft, you can keep it in the Refrigerator for sometime, so that it will set perfectly.

  22. Hi kamala Amma,

    I have try it but it’s so sticky amma,I don’t want Maida sweet recipes Amma, I need different easy sweet recipes pls send me amma

  23. Gitanjali Sahoo

    Thanks alot ………….. i have done it & give to my family members to eat………….. taste is so good….. i have also add some more item in it like kaju powder.

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