Sweet Puttu


  • Puttu flour – 2cups
  • Coconut grating – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom Powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 pinch


  1. Put Puttu flour in a big bowl and add salt and sprinkle little warm water and mix well. If you hold the flour in your palm and press, it should be like a ball and put it back, it should fall loosely. Add sugar, coconut gratings, cardamom powder and mix well.
  2. Grease idli plate with little ghee and put the flour and press it lightly. Steam it for seven to ten minutes.
  3. Note: If you do not have Puttu flour, you can use ordinary rice flour also. In that case, first dry fry the rice flour till hot to touch and cool it. Then prepare puttu as above.


  1. This is yummy! And simple to make, thanks, Kamala.

  2. Thank you Jennifer.

  3. Akal's Saappadu

    it’s been long time since i ate puttu; but I thought it was impossible to make puttu without the puttu maker; good idea to use idly plates 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for visiting my site. You can also make ordinary salt puttu using Idli plates. Omit sugar and cardamom powder. Just mix puttu flour, coconut and salt with little warm water and steam it as above. Goes well with Kadalai Curry.

  5. Hi Kamala, My sunday breakfast is always puttu – but i never knew we could make it like this also.. Thank you so much.. Will surely try this

  6. Hi Indira,

    Thank you for visiting. Please try and let me know your comments.

  7. Nice idea 🙂 Got a doubt before i start with this recipie. Wont the puttu become soggy if i add sugar before steaming itself? Why i’m asking is if we are doign sweet puttu using puttu maker we add sugar after steaming right?

    • No. Puttu will not be soggy, but it will not be loose flour, but like an idli or kozhukattai.

      • Thank you aunty. Can i prepare puttu maavu at home. Should i break rice like how we do for upma kozhukatai or it should be a fine flour?

        • Hi Preethi,

          Yes. You can prepare Puttu flour at home. It should be fine powder only, but should not stick when you touch. To make rice flour at home, soak 2 to 3 cups of raw rice four hours. Drain the water completely. Put it in a mixie in batches and grind to a nice powder. Put this powder in a large kadai and fry on medium flame till the moisture evaporates and when you touch the flour, it should not stick to your hand. Cool it and sieve it. You can store this flour. This can be used for making Idiyappam also.

  8. Great 🙂 I”m very inspired and impressed with this website and quick replies from you. I’m planning to prepare it this weekend. i’ll tell you how it came

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  10. senthil Raj senthil raj

    very nice dishes.

  11. I made it. Taste is goo
    But It becomes too sticky ( kozanchiduchu)
    What may be the mistake?

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