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Easy Shahi Thukda

Shahi Tukda, also known as “Double Ka Meetha”, is a Hyderabadi dessert. Normally bread slices are deep fried in ghee or oil and soaked in flavoured milk, topped with cream and served with lots of dry fruits. Instead of doing all the above, I tried it with store bought “Britannia […]


Cashew Nut Burfi

Soak cashew nuts in water for 4 hours and grind into a thick paste. Add ½ cup water to the sugar and make a thick syrup. Add the ground cashew paste and stir continuously on a low flame. Add ghee in between while stirring. When it leaves the sides of […]


Cashew Nut Pakoda

Mix Bengal gram dhal flour, rice flour, cashew nuts, red chilli powder, mint leaves chopped, salt. Add one tablespoon hot oil and mix well. Just sprinkle handful of water and make a loose dough. Put this dough little by little into hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.


Cashew Nut Payasam

Soak rice and cashew nuts in water for 15 minutes. Grind soaked rice, cashew nuts and coconut to a fine paste. Boil milk and add sugar. Reduce heat. Add half cup water to the ground paste and make a liquid. Add this to the boiling milk. Stir continuously till it […]


Brinjal and Cashew Nut Curry

Cut the brinjals lengthwise and deep fry in oil and keep aside. Fry the cashew nuts in a teaspoon of ghee and keep aside. In a kadai put the oil and when it is hot add mustard seeds. When it pops up, add onions chopped, curry leaves and fry for […]