A classic Kerala breakfast dish that is usually served with Coconut Milk and Potato Stew.

  • Potato Stew

    Difficulty: Easy

    A quick gravy that is made with Potato and Onion. This is served with Appam or Idiyappam. You can also make this dish in microwave owen.


Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: BreakfastCuisine: Indian, KeralaDifficulty: Medium


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A classic breakfast dish that is commonly served in Kerala. It is usually served with Coconut Milk and Potato Stew.


  • Raw Rice – 1 ½ cup

  • Boiled Rice – 1 ½ cup

  • Urad dhal – ¼ cup

  • Fenugreek seeds – 1/4 teaspoon

  • Aval (Poha) or cooked rice – a handful

  • Cooking soda – 1/4 teaspoon

  • Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste

  • Coconut Milk – ¼ cup


  • Preparing batter
  • Soak raw rice, boiled rice, urad dhal, fenugreek seeds, in water for about 6 hours.
  • Grind all the above along with cooked rice (if you are using poha, then soak it separately for one hour and add) in the grinder to very fine paste.
  • Add salt and mix well. Allow to ferment for at least 10 hours or over night.
  • Next day, add cooking soda and ¼ cup coconut milk to the batter and mix well.
  • Add little water to make the batter little thin.
  • Making Appam
  • Heat the appam pan with little oil rubbed on the cooking surface.
  • Pour one big spoon of batter in the center of the hot pan.
  • Lift the pan and tilt in a circular motion so that the batter spreads and expands along the edges. Center should be slightly thicker than sides.
  • Close the pan with lid and cook in the medium heat. Cook on one side only.
  • Serve with Coconut Milk and Potato Stew

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  1. Looks so good. I love appam. Your recipe is so easy to follow as usual. I am going to try this.Thanks.


  2. gr8 recipe and easy too…instead of potato stew, i used vegetable stew..we don't use potatoes frequently at our house; it was really good. thanks for te recipe.

  3. Hi Vanishree,

    Thank you for posting your comments. Yes. Vegetable stew is also a good accomplishment for appam and healthy too.

  4. Hi Kamala,

    Tried the appam recipe.It came out very well.My husband likes appam very much.Thanks for the recipe.
    Pls post some more easy,simple and quick dishes.

  5. Good Pediatrician in Adyar

    Appam looks so perfect. Bookmarked for trying this next time.

  6. Hi Kamala,
    thanks for the recipe…which category (listed on the left side of the page) does this belong to ?…I would like to know some more varieties of tiffin…

  7. Hi,

    Check under "Breakfast" catagory. Most of the dishes may suit both for breakfast and dinner.

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah..I could find that..thanks…I am looking for veg gravies…we don't consume onion or garlic…so it's hard to find a recipe…Just a suggestion..If you can post some recipies with no onion or garlic and post them under a seperate category, it would be really great…

  9. Dear Kamala,

    I don't think i have left any feedbacks here but i must thank you for all the wonderful recipes. I've been trying many regularly and not once have I failed. This aapam was soooo good especially. thank you thank you….

  10. Thank you Latha.

  11. Hi kamala ur recipes r wonderful and easy to follow as I am an amateur cook . Keep posting new recipes. Anusha.

  12. I tried your appam recipe….it was too good and all my famil members enjoyed it.Thank you

  13. i made appam as per your ratio. that was excellent, tasty. my husband likes this. thank you.

  14. hi kamala..i dont hv boiled rice.can i use raw rice and idli rice for this recipe.

  15. thank u very much kamala…i wil try and let u know.

  16. dear kamala mam,

    i am in dubai,the traditional recepie and all other recepies are very tasty.u r my kitchen library.

  17. Hi Akka,
    I want to try this today. Can we use readymade coconut milk powder for this?

    • Hi Pavithra,

      I never used the coconut milk powder. But readymade tinned coconut milk is fine. If you cannot get the coconut milk, then try with powder and let me know the result.

  18. Hi Akka one more doubt. Before adding coconut milk for how many days this can be stored in fridge?

  19. Hi Akka, after preparing the batter and after fermentation how long can we use it by keeping the batter in the fridge? By the time of preparing appams we can add coconut milk…right akka?

    • Hi Pavithra,

      After fermentation, you can keep it for a day and you can add coconut milk when you prepare appam. However to get the appam to the correct texture and taste, you have to make the appam immediately after fermentation, without keeping the batter in the fridge. When you keep the batter in the fridge, the batter become thick and lose its frothy texture. If you are using refrigerated batter, then you have to keep the batter at room temperature for atleast half-an-hour and make the appam. It will apply to Idli also.

  20. Hi Akka, Mission success. Appam came like yours. (used coconut milk powder for both appam and ur potato stew).

    • Great. Hope it will be helpful to other readers those who wants to use coconut milk powder. Thank you for sharing your tips and feed back.

  21. cooking soda need to mix the next day before cooking only? no need to mix after the grind and mix.. ferment will be better without cooking soda?

  22. Hi Kamala,

    Can you please differentiate between boiled rice and cooked rice.

    • Hi Divya,

      Boiled rice is “Puzhungal Arisi” or “Idli Rice” sold in the market. Cooked rice is the rice we eat after cooking the raw rice (Saatham).

  23. Hi Mam,

    This recipe is excellent. Appam came out very well. Thank you for posting such authentic fool proof recipes. Please continue to post such wonderful, traditional recipes.

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