Moong Dal Murukku

Moong dal murukku is a popular Indian snack made from a combination of moong dal (split green gram lentils) and rice flour. It is a crispy and savory snack that is perfect for tea time or as a munchie during festivities.

Moong Dal Murukku

Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: SnacksCuisine: Indian, TamilDifficulty: Difficult


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This murrukku is deep fried and made with moong dhal. It can be stored for extended period and snacked at any time or serve with tea or coffee.


  • Rice flour – 2 cups

  • Green Gram Dal (Moong Dal) – 1/2 cups

  • White Til seeds – 1 tablespoon

  • Asafoetida Powder – 1/2 teaspoon

  • Salt – 1 teaspoon or as per taste

  • Oil for deep frying


  • Cook the green gram dal (moong dal) by adding it to a bowl with two to three cups of water, and boil until it’s very soft. Once cooked, let it cool down to room temperature.
  • Once the dal is cool, add rice flour, til seeds, asafoetida powder, and salt to the dal. Mix and knead these ingredients into the dal to form a soft dough. If the mixture is too dry, add a sprinkle of water to achieve the right consistency.
  • Prepare a frying pan with oil over medium heat, allowing the oil to get hot for frying.
  • Take a portion of the dough and place it into a murukku press fitted with either a “single star” or “three stars” plate.
  • Carefully squeeze the murukku press to release the dough either onto a small plate or the back of a flat ladle, forming small spirals or coils.
  • Once the oil is hot, slide the dough spirals into the oil, and fry them until they turn a nice golden yellow color and become crispy. Be careful not to burn them; they shouldn’t turn too brown.
  • Remove the fried murukkus from the oil and place them on paper towels to drain any excess oil.
  • Let them cool, and then store the murukkus in an airtight container to keep them crispy. Enjoy your homemade murukkus whenever you like!

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  1. Should we mash the moong dal before adding the rice flour?

  2. V. Tharanidevi

    Hi! It’s really wonderful . But while squeezing in the oil it is breaking. why?

  3. Hi,
    Do this recipe observes more oil..

  4. kanchana surendiran

    Hi ,
    I just love this site. lot many recipes. very useful for beginners. thank you


    Hi Kamala Mam,

    Every recipe of this blog comes out very nicely for me. After a short gap, I have come back again. tomato thokku is awesome. Thank you once again for keeping on updating this blog with new recipes.

    I have come here to just remind you of my request-Rasgulla recipe. Eagerly waiting for your blog. For me still I have not learned to make rasagulla. Need ur help. thanks.suchithra

    • Hi Suchithra,

      Welcome back. I do remember about Rasagulla recipe. In fact I tried once, but it is not upto my expectation. The picture is perfect but not the texture. Still I am trying to get a perfect one. Hence this delay in posting the recipe.

  6. Thank you mam for helping me on this and taking valuable time in trying this recipe. For me also is the same things. taste is not perfect as we get in shops. while posting the recipe, please give details of flame level, whether the flame should be high or sim and whether the vessel should be fully or partly closed. Have u tried cooker rasgulla. it comes somewhat ok, but still im not getting perfect rasgulla. I will wait for your blog.thanks suchithra

  7. wud like to know the proportion of rice and moong dal for the murukkus

    • yes i have seen the proportion in the ingredients list sorry for the question wud love to try this receipe.

  8. If I were to add the store bought rice flour, would I be adding 2 cups of flour or more to the 1/2 cup of moong dahl.?
    Also I would like to know if I can add some ghee to the muruk mixture/paste. sometimes I have seen that the taste is exemplified with the addition of some melted ghee.
    I hope you can reply to these questions.

    • Hi Zakiah,

      For 2 cups of rice flour 1/2 cup moong dal is fine. Cooked moong dal make the dough soft and if you add ghee, the murukku may get separated in the oil. If you want to add ghee then add more rice flour so that the murukku stay in shape.

  9. aarthijagan

    Hai mam,
    Can u tell me whether puttu mavu & idiyapa mavu are same or they are different, can v prepare murukku in puttu mavu

    With regards,

    • Puttu Mavu is slightly coarse and idiyappam mavu is very fine in texture. Both are proceeded by steam cooking or dry drying. However, Murukku mavu is without the above process. Making murukku with puttu mavu will not give the desired result.


    Moong dhall murukku has come out extremely well.
    My family liked the taste of the murukku very much.
    thanks for the recipe.

  11. Do we need to add the rice flour when the cooked dal is still hot?

  12. If using store bought rice flour, would the quantity remain the same 2 cups ?

    Also can we pressure cook the moong dal and then mash it ?

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