Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak

Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: SweetsCuisine: Indian, Tamil, KannadigaDifficulty: Medium


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A classic sweet dish made with bengal gram flour and ghee.


  • Bengal gram flour (Besan) – 1 cup

  • Sugar – 2 cups

  • Ghee – 2 cups

  • Water – ½ cup


  • Sieve the besan flour. Add 2 tablespoons of ghee in a kadai and fry the besan till nice aroma comes and slightly it’s colour changes. Remove and keep aside.
  • In a heavy bottomed kadai (Wok) and add sugar and water.
  • In another kadai (wok) pour the ghee and heat it. Stir sugar and water and make a syrup of one string  consistency.
  • When the sugar syrup reaches one string consistency, sprinkle the besan little by little stirring continuously.
  • When you add all the besan, start pouring one ladle of hot ghee (heating from the next kadai) and stir well. Then again pour one ladle of hot ghee and stir well and repeat this procedure till the ghee separates and the mixture leaves the sides of the kadai and look like froth.
  • Pour quickly into the greased plate and spread the mixture gently. Let it cool for a few minutes. Cut it into pieces with a sharp greased knife.


  1. Good one.Tried it y'day and it was a hit.Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Deepa,

    Nice to hear that you tried and came out well.

  3. I am confused about the sugar syrup consistentsy. Other recipes say 1 string, you have mentioned a soft ball stage. Isn't that one of the final stages of sugar syrup thickening?



  4. Hi Sarita,

    Soft ball consistency is not the final stage of sugar syrup. The final stage is hard ball consistency, i.e. when you roll the syrup, whcih is settled down under water, you will get a hard ball and if you put it in a plate, you will hear the sound. Soft ball consistency is the previous step. Some people make one string consistency and cook for more time. In the above recipe, we are frying the besan flour and hence we can add after obtaining soft ball consistency so that it will quickly get cooked and need not stir for more time.

  5. Hi Kamala,
    I love your recipes and I have tried a few of them. Though I am an amateur, following your simple methods have made me a big hit among my friends. Your blog is my guide for authentic South Indian samiyal. I have one suggestion, if its fine, can you post the Preparation and Cooking time for the recipes, as it helps to plan in advance.

    Once again Thanks a lot, though I miss my Grandma and Mom's food back home, reading your blog cheers me up ten fold!

    Keep up the good work,

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Lavanya,

    Thank you for visiting my site and your encouraging comments. I really appreciate your suggestion to include cooking time. I will try to put in my future recipes.

  7. Hi Kamala

    I am regular visitor for your website,i can say i learnt most of the dishes from your website….
    so just want to thank you for it.


  8. Thank you Rekha Elangovan.

  9. Ophe_Chennai

    HI Kamala,

    I'm working in a private media organisation and got married last year. Your recipes have been my sole guide. Your website is great. Really wish to tell you a BIG thank you 🙂

  10. Ophe_Chennai

    HI Kamala,

    I'm working in a private media organisation and got married last year. Your recipes have been my sole guide. Your website is great. Really wish to tell you a BIG thank you 🙂

  11. i tried mysore pak and it came out so well… thanks a lot kamala.

  12. plz provide the info regarding the preparation in tamil too…….it’ll be more helpful………

  13. sorry didn’t notice the tamil version……….
    now its clear……….

  14. Hi Kamala mam,

    I have comback again with regard to mysore pak recipe. I tried your recipe, but i think so i made mistake somewhere. i followed ur recipe,but after putting besan flour, it became powdered mysore pak.then what i did is , i added little water to that and final outcome is i got tastier mysore pak, but not of the picture in your recipe,but taste is good.i dont know how it become powdered mysore pak, could you pls suggest, where i went wrong. excellent recipes , im following only your recipes.

    • Hi Suchithra,

      I think the sugar syrup is over cooked. If the sugar syrup is somewhat hardball consistency, then when you add the besan, instead of blending, it will bind and break the flour and it will become powder. If you are not sure about the softball syrup, you can just add the besan when the sugar completely melted. In such case, you have to stir it for some more time to get the correct thick paste. Also the quantity of the ghee should not be reduced. Some people use 3 measure of ghee (for one cup flour 3 cups of ghee) to get soft Mysorepack (Like Sri Krishna Sweets). . Another point, the besan should not be over fried. You have to fry just to remove the raw smell. Or you simply add two tablespoons of melted ghee in the besan and just mix it and use it. (Need not fry it).

  15. The reply you gave is really superb. Thank you mam, I’m going to try it tomm again.thank you once again.

    • Dear Kamala Mam,

      The mysorepak which i made as per your instruction was really superb and yummy to!!.My husband and my neighbours liked it so much. its really like sweet stall mysore pak. thank you once again mam.


  16. Hi Mam,

    Prepared Mysorepak came out very well, but it is fully yellow in colour. How cum the mysore pak we get in stall has a light brown in colour in the middle.
    Please advise.

    • Hi Jothi,

      The hot ghee makes mysorepak get the brown colour. You have to add hot ghee and once you have transferred the mysorepak to the plate, the hot ghee in the dough make the mysorepak cook further and it will get brown colour.

      • Thanks a lot Kamala, i tried the Mysorepak it came out very well. Nice to see your blog. And this week going to prepare apple halwa. Thanks a lot. Keep posting some more good receipes.

  17. Meena Shankar

    Hello Aunty,

    Thanks a lot for posting such wonderful recipes!

    I tried the Mysore pak but it has come out powdery. I understand it might be because of the sugar syrup consistency but for some reason, the sugar doesn’t seem to dissolve completely but the one string consistency begins. Should I maybe powder the sugar and use it or dissolve the sugar first in water and then heat it up or increase water proportion to dissolve the sugar ( now I am using 1/2 water for 2 measures of sugar).

    Also, I took 1.5 measure of besan for 2 measure of sugar. Is that fine? This itself tastes quite sweet.

    Look for your suggestions. Thanks,

    • Thank you Meena Shankar for writing. I use only in the ratio of 1/4 cup water for 1 cup sugar. If the sugar is of bigger size granules, you can increase the water. Always put the sugar in a thick bottomed vessel and pour the water and ensure the sugar is completely dissolved in the water. Then keep it in the stove and make the syrup. This way you will get the correct syrup. If you use less sugar, you will not get the mysorepak taste, instead it will taste like burfi. When you add two cups ghee, the sweetness will get reduced. If you do not want use more ghee, then you can combine half measure ghee and half measure cooking oil.

  18. Hi Aunty,
    I made mysore pak twice, first on Diwali it came out very well.Since my husband loves this mysore pak & mentioned that its like the one in Krishna sweets. I made it today for his birhtday & same comment. All the “credit to you aunty”. I wonder how in the world I didn’t find your blog all these 3 years. one more question aunty, the color is little dark what do I do If need a light yellowish color….
    “Can I get recipe for adhirasam”

    • Hi Uma Siva,

      Nice to hear that you tried Mysorepak twice and liked it. Getting darker mysorepak may be due to overrying of besan. You can fry the besan just hot to touch without changing its colour. Or even you can add besan without frying also. Sometimes, if you add without frying, it may smell raw, but be careful while frying the besan.

      Adirasam – I have already posted the recipe. Check it here

  19. Hello Madam,

    We tried Mysore Pak today and it came very well and was very tasty. Thanks for the post.

  20. Need flame stages (high flame or low flame or medium) of burners mam for mysorepak

  21. thank u so much for this recipe….very happy to find this site,good collection,thank u so much kamala garu

  22. Mam,

    still i am not clear on sugar syrup consistency.
    Pls tell me again. I am not good in making sugar syrup. pls tell me some easy way to understand.

  23. Hi Kamala Mam,
    So thankful to you ,I have made mysore pak as per your instruction it came out very well,

    1) I am having few queries, 2 cups ghee is melted ghee ? or normal ghee(before melting).
    2)Once Syrup consistency came i added flour and with few mins the bubbles came i poured into plate and tried to cut into piceses but it is sticked into knife itself and then again i poured in to same pan for few seconds in stove it came as halwa and i poured into plate and cut into piceses ,it comes out but bit hard ,which is the correct consistency to take off from the stove. to get soft mysore pak
    3)how we can see dark at middle and light colour outside like skrishna sweets mysore pak

    • Hi Priya,

      2 cup ghee is before melting. After adding the flour and mixed well, it looks like a batter. You have to pour one laddle hot ghee. You will hear sizzling sound. Stir it well. Then again add a laddle of hot ghee and repeat this till all the ghee is added. After all the ghee is added, the mixture will leave the sides of the vessel and look frothy. Then you have to pour it to a greased tray allow to cool. When you pour the mixture in the tray, the heat will make the bottom portion light brown and on top it stay yellow.

      I think you have taken the mixture before it reaches its right stage. Try with a small cup or half cup besan. When you know the right stage, then it will not fail.

  24. I am in fact thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this great article at at this time.

  25. how to make chinese bhel

  26. Hello aunty ,I have tried so many recipes of urs,all have come out well,of late I had tried ur maida burfi really great very tasty,almost came to 600gms on weighing,tastes like shop made ,thanks aunty,I have a doubt ,in Mysore pak if we reduce the quantity of ghee,,,,will it taste bad or will it b like the traditional mysorepak which used to b hard type,bcos we r every time eating only soft mysorepaks …that’swhy…thanks aunty,…….regards ,Hameeda

    • Hi Hameeda,

      Thank you for your kind feed back. Re Mysore Pak – If you use less ghee it will be like burfi and you will not get the porous mysore pak and it will be hard. If you want to reduce the ghee, you can take half of ghee and half of any refined oil. Or only with refined oil also you can make mysorepak.

  27. Thanks aunty

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