Tag: Sago (Javvarisi)


Thavalai Vadai

Soak rice and dhal separately for about 3 to four hours. Wash and drain the excess water. First grind rice and black gram dhal along with red chillies. When this is half done, add Bengal gram dhal and thuvar dhal and grind together for two to three rounds and finally […]


Koozh Vadam

Koozh vadam also called in different names as vadavam, vathal, karu vadam will definitely bring back memories of our childhood, when we see these crispy pieces. It is a day long process where all the members of the family are involved in making “koozh” in large quantities, spreading and pressing […]


Javvarisi (Sago) Payasam

Soak javvarisi in water for about an hour. Boil water and add the soaked javvarisi. Cook on medium heat till it is soft. (You can also pressure cook it for one to two whistles). When the javvarisi is cooked well and transparent, add the sugar. Stir constantly till the sugar […]