Sprouted Green Gram (Moong) Dosai


  • Green gram (Moong) sprouts – 1 cup
  • Rice Flour – 1/4 cup
  • Green Chilli – 1 small size
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon or as per taste
  • Oil – 2 to 3 teaspoons


  1. Grind sprouted moong along with green chilli and salt to a fine paste. Add rice flour and sufficient water to make it to a flowing consistency batter.
  2. Heat a tawa and grease it with little oil. Pour a laddle of the batter and make it to a thin round. Pour little oil around it and cook for few seconds. Flip it over and cook on the other side also.
  3. Remove and serve hot with any spicy chutney.
  4. Note:
  5. You can sproute the moong at home as given in this link Green Gram Sprouts or you can buy it from the stores.


  1. good and wholesome. crispy dosa version went well with kids

  2. i tried this and came out very well. Thanks for the recipe

  3. hai ma’am,

    iam a regular visitor of ur blog. all ur recipes r really a hit esp ur maida dosa, oats dosa and moong dosa.actually i didnt know wat to make out of oats apart from porridge but in ur site i find many tasty and healthy recipes. thank u very much maam

  4. Very healthy recipe kamala! Pesarattu is very healthy but not many people know about this.
    I have a post for pesarattu as well. Do leave your comments.

  5. very yummy

  6. How does the batter become fluffy as we have not added any rising agent

    • Due to fermentation, the batter become fluffy. The fermentation is caused by air-born wild yeast. The batter absorbs wild yeast from the air and get fermented.

  7. Nanda kore ya

    roasted rice flour?

  8. Would it taste bitter if we don’t add salt?
    I tried it without salt it taste little bitter. Is this normal? Do sprouted gram taste bitter?

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