Carrot Sago Payasam

Carrot sago payasam is a delicious and creamy Indian dessert made with carrots, sago pearls, milk, sugar, and flavored with cardamom and nuts. 

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Carrot Sago Payasam

Recipe by S Kamala
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Course: SweetsCuisine: Indian, TamilDifficulty: Easy


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Looking for a delicious dessert? This recipe combines carrot, sago, and milk to create a sweet and creamy dish. Give it a try! #payasam


  • Carrot (big size) – 1

  • Sago (Javvarisi) – 3 tablespoons

  • Milk – 1/2 litre (2 big glasses)

  • Sugar – 3 to 4 tablespoons

  • Cashew Nuts – 15 Nos

  • Raisins – few

  • Cardamom Powder – 2 pinches

  • Ghee – 1 teaspoon


  • Begin by immersing the sago (Javvarisi) in water for approximately one hour, allowing it to absorb moisture and soften. Simultaneously, soak about 10 cashew nuts in a modest amount of milk for about 20 to 30 minutes to enrich their flavor and texture.
  • In the meantime, wash and peel the skin from the carrot before cutting it into medium-sized pieces. Boil the carrot pieces in a bit of water until they attain a tender consistency.
  • Next, rinse the soaked sago thoroughly and discard the water. Add fresh water, about one to two cups, and simmer until the sago transforms into a soft and glistening mixture.
  • Transfer the cooked carrot and soaked cashews, along with the milk they were soaked in, into a blender. Process until you achieve a smooth and fine paste.
  • Select a heavy-bottomed vessel to prepare the payasam. Pour in the milk and gradually heat it to a boil. Once it begins to bubble, lower the heat, introducing the carrot paste and the cooked sago to the mixture. Stir thoroughly to combine these elements before adding sugar to taste. Let this mixture simmer for a few minutes on a medium flame to allow the flavors to meld.
  • Meanwhile, in a separate pan, sauté a few cashew nuts and raisins in a teaspoon of ghee until they turn golden and plump, releasing a fragrant aroma. Transfer this into the simmering payasam, followed by a sprinkle of freshly ground cardamom powder for an aromatic finish. Stir well to incorporate these final additions before removing the vessel from heat.
  • Your rich and delightful payasam is now ready to be served, offering a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, making it a perfect end to a festive meal.

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  1. really different combo for payasam..looks delicious

  2. helo mam,
    All your receipe is good. why not u publish MANGO PAYASAM?
    (It is more delicious & easy)


    Take 2 riped mango peel off the skin. Cut the pulp part & add sugar, milk, 3 cardoman (for smell) grind well till no pulp left out. Keep this thick past aside.
    keep a bowl on stove heat with 2 tumbler of milk.
    Add the prepared paste slowly to the boiling milk. stirr it don’t cook it but mix it.
    Pour the boiled mango to a basin chill it & serve for 2-3 persons.
    (U can add milk-maid also for extra taste while refrigrating the mango payasam)

  3. sreejisha vinayan

    can u please say what is sago

  4. sreejisha vinayan

    thank you

  5. Vijitha rajendran

    Hi kamala!tried ur reipe of carrot sago payasam!it was yummy!!!

  6. Vijitha rajendran

    Hi a request! Can u please share the recipe of athirasam.

  7. Vijitha rajendran

    Thank you I will try and get back to u!

  8. mam can u tell me the prep of pal poli (milk poli)

  9. Hi,

    I tried your Carrot Sago came out very well.. Thank you for the recipe…

  10. i tried u recipe its cums out nice

  11. i tried ur recipe its cums out nice

  12. Hi Madam,

    I want the recipe of Sweet bajji ( Fruit/Pala bajji)

  13. Hi Aunty,

    super receipe!!!I have seen from your site and and told my Mother to do this for a competition in her apartment..It was a big hit !!!She got Second Prize…It was yummy…Thank you

  14. Pls tell me some gud receipes for cooking competition pls.. Ungala nambi dan i joined in d competition

    • Hi,

      I am not sure what type of cooking competition you are participating. Whether it is ingredient based or region based or any theme?? You have to prepare according to that only.

  15. malarvizhi

    excellent.. easy and tasty recipe
    came out very well

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