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Sweet Boondi

Mix flour and baking soda with little water to a smooth batter (Like dosa batter). Heat oil in a heavy kadai. Hold boondi ladle with small round holes on top with one hand. With the other pour some batter all over the holes. Tap gently till all batter has fallen […]


Madras Mixture

Karaboondhi – 2 cup Omapodi – 2 cup Karasev    – 2 cup Ribbon Pakoda Aval (Poha) – one cup Chutney dhal – Half cup Ground nut – Half cup Cashew Nuts – Half cup (fried in little ghee) Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoon Asafotida powder – 1/2 teaspoon […]



Note: Any desired vegetable – (You can use Green plantain, brinjal, potato, onion, green chilly. You can even make bajji with apple, chow chow, tomato, bread slices cut into small squares) Slice the vegetable. Make a thick batter (like dosa batter) by mixing all the above ingredients ( except oil) […]