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Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon pakoda is a popular Indian snack prepared from chickpea flour, rice flour, and various spices. The dough is formed into thin strips and deep-fried to yield a crispy texture. Frequently enjoyed with tea or as a crunchy side to rice meals, it is particularly favored during festivals and special occasions.


Mullu Murukku

Discover the irresistible taste of Mullu Murukku, a crispy South Indian savory snack made with rice flour and aromatic spices. Perfect for festive celebrations or a delightful tea-time treat!


Sweet Boondi

Mix flour and baking soda with little water to a smooth batter (Like dosa batter). Heat oil in a heavy kadai. Hold boondi ladle with small round holes on top with one hand. With the other pour some batter all over the holes. Tap gently till all batter has fallen […]


Madras Mixture

Discover the flavors of South India with Madras mixture. This spicy and tangy snack combines crunchy nuts, lentils, fried gram, and spices for a perfect tea-time treat. Perfect for parties and festivities! #SouthIndianSnacks