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Easy Kunukku

Kunukku is traditionally prepared by soaking dhals and rice and grinding with chillies and salt. This batter is deep fried like bonda. But for a quick version, we can make it with left over idli batter also. This dish is served with chutney.



Method: Combine ghee and cooking soda in a bowl and rub them with the palm of your right hand for 15 minutes. Or slightly melt the ghee and add cooking soda and beat it. Then sprinkle maida to the beaten ghee gradually and mix with your fingers lightly. Then sprinkle […]


Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda is a popular South Indian snack, originating from the coastal city of Mangalore in Karnataka, India. It is a deep-fried dumpling made from a batter of urad dal (split black gram), rice flour, yogurt, and spices. The batter is shaped into small round balls and then deep-fried until […]