Mukkani (Maa, Palaa, Vaazhai)

In India, particularly in Tamilnadu, the three fruits, Mango, Jackfruit and Banana are called “Mukkani” (three fruits). These fruits are offered in prayers and serving the three fruits together is considered a VIP treatment to the guests. This fact is mentioned in Tamil literatures also.

Summer is the season when we get all the three fruits. In Tamilnadu, now the market is flooding with mangos and jackfruits. Don’t miss this opportunity of getting “Maukkani” in our meals. If you do not get fresh one, do not worry, frozen jackfruit and mangos are available everywhere. Bananas, the friendly fruit, be bought anywhere. Enjoy this fruity season.


  1. Why Is called mukkani?
    There is any reason?

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