Maize also known as Corn is high in nutrients and good source of several vitamins like folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C. It is high in fiber and helpful in kidney problems including renal dysfunction. It helps lower cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of colon cancer.
Yellow maize is the richest source of Vitamin-A. It has more riboflavin than wheat or rice and is rich in phosphorous and potash.
Fresh corn can be eaten raw, grilled or steam cooked. The coarsely ground corn is called “Corn Meal” and it is available in the grocery stores.

We can make number of dishes using corn/corn meal.
Here are some corn recipes:
Corn Sundal
Corn Keerai (Green) Thuvattal
Oats Corn Adai
Corn Meal Idli
Corn Meal Kichadi
Corn Meal Payasam


  1. Hello Aunty,

    I just came across your site while searching for some recipe, Its really good and helpful for learners.Your idea for sharing your recipe with others are great ! Hats off !! almost all vegeterian recipes in one place .. Great job aunty !! Thanks a lot for sharing !

  2. I see all your recipes and I tried some recipes but that CORN recipe I watched in that we can prepare that corn meal in home itself. If we can means send that method.

  3. Hello aunty,m

    I came to know abt this kitchen frm my sister .each &every receipy is really yummy ,easy and also. different from d usual menu. Pls keep updating all ur latest ones and I also want to know abt this corn meal is that a dry broken corn powder.will it b available in all departmental stores ?what should v ?ask for pls let me know have really become ur fan I luv cooking and it’s my passion thanku

    • Welcome to my site. Hope my recipes will be of useful to you. Corn Meal is the broken corn (corn rawa) only. It is available in most of the grocery stores in Chennai. Hope it may be available in all other places too. If you do not get it in your place, just buy dry whole corns and send it to mill for grinding it like rawa. Sieve it and use it.

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