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Tomato Dosai

In Breakfast On September 4, 2014 38 Comments

Method: Cut the tomatos into medium pieces and grind to a paste. Mix rice flour, rawa, maida, tomato paste, chilli powder, asafotida and salt. Add sufficient water make… Read More »

Fried Modak 2

Fried Modak – Version 2

In Sweets On September 2, 2013 5 Comments

Method: Put sugar and a tablelspoon of water in a kadai and make a thick syrup. Add coconut gratings and stir well till it look dry. Add cardamom… Read More »


Dates Kozhukattai

In Sweets On June 13, 2013 18 Comments

Method: Put the chopped dates in a vessel and add sufficient water to cover the dates. Cook on medium flame till it become soft. Let it cool and… Read More »


Moong Dhal Murukku

In Snacks On February 5, 2013 18 Comments

Method: Soak rice for one to two hours. Wash well and drain the water. Allow to dry in a shade for half-an-hour. Put it in a mixie and… Read More »

Magilampoo Murukku

Magilampoo Murukku

In Snacks On October 29, 2012 12 Comments

Method: For Green gram dhal flour, dry roast 1/2 cup green gram dhal (Moong dhal) till its colour changes to light brown. Cool it and powder it. Sieve… Read More »

Milagu Sevai

Milagu (Pepper) Sevai

In Snacks On September 10, 2012 8 Comments

We can prepare varieties of dishes using the plain Idiyappam also known as “Sevai”. One such dish is “Milagu Sevai” – a simple spicy version. Method: Gently take… Read More »

Vella Sevai

Vella (Jaggery) Sevai

In Sweets On September 10, 2012 6 Comments

We can prepare varieties of dishes using the plain Idiyappam also known as “Sevai”. One such dish is “Vella Sevai” – a sweet version. Method: Gently take out… Read More »

Acchu Murukku

Acchu Murukku

In Snacks On August 24, 2012 10 Comments

“Acchu Murukku” also known as “Achappam” or “Rose cookie” is a mild sweet Murukku, normally prepared during Christmas time. To prepare this Murukku, you will need a special… Read More »

Butter Murukku

Butter Murukku

In Snacks On July 16, 2012 25 Comments

Method: For Pottukadalai Powder, grind little more than 1/4 cup pottukadai (Chutney Dhal) in a mixie to a fine powder. Sieve it and take the required powder. Sieve… Read More »

Kaara sev

Pepper Kara Sev

In Snacks On November 26, 2011 1 Comment

Method: Sieve both rice and besan flours. Coarsely powder the black pepper. In a flat bowl or in a plate put ghee, cooking soda and salt. Rub with… Read More »

Lemon Sevai

Lemon Sevai

In Breakfast On November 6, 2011 1 Comment

This is similar to Lemon Rice. Instead of rice, we are making it with Idiyappam also known as “Sevai”. Method: Gently take out the idiyappam strings and make… Read More »

Coconut Idiyappam

Coconut Idiyappam

In Breakfast On November 6, 2011 3 Comments

This is a sweet dish and it is just a mixing of coconut and sugar to the Idiyappam. For Idiyappam recipe check here. Gently take out the idiyappam… Read More »