Deepavali Recipes

Deepavali Recipes

Deepavali is on 10/11th November 2015.

Deepavali or Diwali is festival of lights and the occasion of sweets, fire crackers and new dresses. Let us celebrate and enjoy the lights and sounds of this wonderful happy occasion.

The mythology of Deepavali differs from North to South India. In Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated to commemorate the killing of the demon Narakasuran. The main part of the celebration is early morning Oil Bath. The eldest woman of the family rubs Gingelly oil on the heads of all the family members. Then everyone take oil bath and wear new dresses. Children start “bursting crackers” which represents the slaughter of the demon king Narakasuran.

There are varieties of sweets and snacks prepared specially for Diwali. All the dishes are offered to God and after prayers, seek the blessings of the elders. This will be followed by people visiting temples and exchanging sweets with neighbors and relatives.

Recipes for some common sweets and savories prepared for Diwali are given below.

Check here for more Diwali Recipes & Kolams or Rangoli to decorate your house.

Apart from sweets and savories made for Deepavali Idli, Dosai, Vadai, are prepared in almost all the households in Tamilnadu for breakfast.


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  4. Dear kamala amma thanks for your genuine recipes. Since I lost my mum when I was teenager I could learn my amma’s original recipes. But your recipes are great as my mum’s and I hope my daughter will inherit from me. Happy deepavali kamala amma.

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  7. Very good collection of Indian recepis. Happy diwali..

  8. Awesome Recipies – Thank You for Sharing.

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