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Potato Masala Fry

Potato Masala Fry

In Poriyal On February 18, 2014 11 Comments

Method: Wash and pressure cook the potatoes till soft. Remove the skin from the cooked potatoes and cut it into bite size cubes. Cut onion and tomatoes into… Read More »

Potato Coriander Fry

Potato Coriander Fry (Aloo Dhaniya)

In Poriyal On May 29, 2013 8 Comments

Method: Wash and peel the skin from potatos. Cut it into bite size squares. Put it in the boiling water and half cook it. Or pressure cook it… Read More »

Potato Payasam

Potato Payasam

In Sweets On April 15, 2013 4 Comments

Method: Add 1/2 cup water to the jaggery and bring to boil. When it starts boiling, remove from stove and strain it. Keep the jaggery syrup aside. Boil… Read More »

Potato Dosai

Potato Dosai

In Snacks On January 2, 2013 63 Comments

Method: Wash, peel and grate the potatoes finely. Put it in a bowl. Add maida and salt. Mix it well. Add little water and make a thick batter… Read More »


Potato and Carrot Soup

In Soups On October 25, 2012 10 Comments

Method: Wash and peel the skin from potato and carrot and cut it into small cubes. You will need two cups each of diced potato and carrot. Chop the… Read More »

Potato Pakoda

Potato Pakoda

In Snacks On July 5, 2012 6 Comments

Method: Wash potato and chop it finely with the skin. Chop onion, green chilli, coriander leaves and curry leaves finely. Coarsely powder the black pepper. In a broad… Read More »

Potato Curd Fry

Potato Curd Masala

In Gravies On December 26, 2011 25 Comments

Method: Pressure cook potatos for one to two whistles or till it is three fourth cooked. Cool and remove the skin. Cut it into medium size pieces. Chop… Read More »

Kadai Vegetable

Kadai Vegetable

In Gravies On September 2, 2011 19 Comments

Method: Peel the skin from potato and carrot and cut it into bite size pieces. Cut capsicum also to the same size. Chop one onion and tomato finely…. Read More »


Potato Pepper & Jeera Fry

In Poriyal On November 28, 2010 0 Comments

Method: Remove the skin from potatoes and cut it into small pieces. Cook it in little water till soft. Drain the excess water and keep the potatoes aside…. Read More »


Kara Boondhi Kurma

In Gravies On October 21, 2010 3 Comments

Method: Cook potato till soft and remove the skin. Cut it into medium size pieces. Chop onion and tomato finely. Grind Coconut gratings, Cashew nuts, puffed gram dhal,… Read More »