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Panai Olai Kozhukattai (Palm Leaf Kozhukattai)

It is specially prepared for Thirukarthigai Day (Karthigai Deepam festival) in the districts of Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin. Hand-ground raw rice flour is mixed with powdered ‘karuppatti’ (palm jaggery) and coconut gratings. This flour mixture is then stuffed in the tender palm leaves and cooked in steam for a while. […]


Jaggery (Vellam)

Jaggery is unrefined whole sugar. It is processed in a natural way and it is 100% chemical-free. Raw sugarcane juice is boiled and simmered till the water content is evaporated and reaches a semi solid stage. Then it is poured over small moulds or to a big tray and then […]


Kadalai Urundai

Dry roast the groundnut and remove the skin and slightly crush it so that it will break into two pieces. (You can also use readily available roasted groundnuts). In a heavy bottomed vessel pour 1/4 cup water and add jaggery powdered. Make a soft ball stage syrup. Remove from stove […]