Keerai (Greens) – Bunch of Nutrition

Nutritional value of Keerai is twenty times more than in other vegetables. Keerai is a valuable source of nutrients, rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, anti-oxidants and veg proteins. Some leaves are believed to keep blood sugar levels low.
Make a habit of eating Keerai atleast twice a week.

Check out the different types of greens (keerai) below:

Manathakkaali Keerai Kootu
Keerai Puzhi Masiyal
Keerai Poondu Masiyal
Keerai Paruppu (Dhal) Masiyal
Keerai Kootu
Agathi Keerai Thuvatal
Murungai Keerai (Drumstick Leaves) Poriyal
Keerai (Greens) Rice
Agathi Keerai Charu
Keerai Cutlet


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