Keerai – Types and Nutrition

The nutritional value of Keerai is twenty times more than in other vegetables. Keerai is a valuable source of nutrients, rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, anti-oxidants and veg proteins. Some leaves are believed to keep blood sugar levels low. Make a habit of eating Keerai at least twice a week.

Check out the different types of greens (keerai) below:

Some of the Spinach (Keerai) Recipes:

  • Manathakkaali Keerai Kootu

    Difficulty: Easy

    An easy kootu made with spinach (manathakkali keerai), green dhal and coconut.

  • Keerai Puzhi Masiyal

    Difficulty: Easy

    A kootu recipe made with any kind of spinach (keerai), tamarind and thuvar dhal.

  • Keerai Poondu Masiyal

    Difficulty: Easy

    A quick and simple spinach (keerai) kootu served as side dish.

  • Arai Keerai Kootu

    Difficulty: Easy

    Arai Keerai (அரை கீரை) Kootu is a South Indian vegetarian dish made with arai keerai (greens), lentils, and coconut. It is a healthy and nutritious dish that is easy to prepare and goes well with rice or chapatis. 

  • Keerai Cutlet

    Difficulty: Medium

    Looking for a delicious side dish to pair with rice varieties? Try this spinach (keerai) recipe that goes perfectly with rasam sadam or sambar sadam.

  • Paruppu Keerai Masiyal

    Cooks in 20 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    This Paruppu Keerai Masiyal can be prepared with any type of greens(keerai). This dish also goes by the name keerai kadayal.

  • Agathi Keerai Thuvatal

    Cooks in 70 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    A healthy dish made with agathi keerai (spinach), coconut, onion and green chilies.

  • Agathi Keerai Charu

    Cooks in 70 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    This dish made with Agathi keerai (spinach) can be mixed with hot rice and served for lunch and dinner. This is very good for healing the sour in mouth and tongue.

  • Keerai Rice

    Cooks in 25 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    This flavored rice can be served for lunch or dinner along with papad and or vegetable chips.


  1. hi, thats a nice post abt keerai..

    the paruppu kerai u have mentioned is venthiya keerai.

  2. Hi Roo,

    Thank you for visiting my site. Paruppu Keerai is NOT vendthiya keerai. It looks like that, but it is not bitter and you make regular kootu with this paruppu keerai.

  3. Ami's Vegetarian Delicacies

    hi Kamala,

    stuff u post in ur site are very informative. i really enjoyed getting to know more about keerai and keerai recipe's. Thank u keep posting.

    you can chk out my recipe site too. hope u'd like it.

  4. I like reading your site because you can always bring us new and awesome stuff, I think that I must at least say a thank you for your hard work.

    – Henry

  5. Thank you Henry.

  6. sister i have a doubt,whether spinach, pasala keerai and palak are the same one..

  7. Hi Lavanya,

    Yes. All are same – spinach in English, Palak in Hindi and Pasala Keerai in Tamil.

  8. Sorry,.. Pasala keerai is a different variety of spinach which is very thick and Palak is a different variety which is usually called spinach everywhere (usually made Palak paneer )

  9. Dr. S. Paulraj

    our modern food habit totally neglected the cheap and valuable food item, the Greens. this is mainly due to lack of awareness on the great nutritional and health values of our keerai. Now a days people are more health concious and once they started knowing the value of keerai, definitely they go for taking keerai in their daily diet. The main need of the day is lot of awareness. hope people like you may be able to bring more awareness on the value of keerai.

  10. Prabha Krishna

    Hi, Good and informative pics of all keerais. Also pls do mention abt Karusalanganni keerai, punarnava and dill too. they too are very nutritious.

  11. Hi , i am your fan tried many of your recipies it’s nice what is pannai keerai also i want recipie for citron (Yellikaai )pickel

  12. Hi Kamala, Can you throw some light on VITAMIN SOPPU,VITAMIN AKU,VITAMIN KEERAI,which my sister in law grows in Malleswaram,Bangalore.She said she uses it for a variety of dishes including chutneys and says the leafs are simply awesome & delicious.It is not sold in the market and is not much known to many.

    • Hi Ahobala,

      Thank you for the information. There are lot of greens grown only in home gardens and not found in the market. One of such green is “Anise Leaf” which is full of vitamanins. I am not sure whether you are referring to this or something else. If you give me more information on the vitamin green, it will be very useful.

  13. Hi, nice post, will be great if you could mention Hindi & English names for all keerai please
    I am a North Indian but love south Indian food and culture.

  14. Vijaya Dhanasekar

    Thank you very much for the information. Pls give some recipes in Ponnanganni Keerai – Pink Variety as i have in my Garden.
    Also I have Pasalai Keerai (Spinach) as Climbers recipes.

  15. Kamala
    Please tell me the Tamil. Name for the keerai which is in clover shape in Bengal it is called chickni saag

  16. Dr.S.Soundarapandian

    Very nice ! Useful indeed ! Identified correctly the colours of PONNANGKANNI !

  17. Rekha Koushik

    Your recipes are simple and easy to cook. I have recently turned diabetic. Kindly suggest some recipes. I cannot leave rice and eat chapatis.

  18. Very nice blog. Keep it up !!!

  19. anand manivannan

    Hi kamala, your tips were very useful, i m really eager to find out what is the tamil name for watercress

  20. I want the keerai dishes which can effectively work on hair fall

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