Author: Kamala


Mango Sambar

Mango sambar is a South Indian cuisine prepared from ripe mangoes and lentils. It can be served hot with steamed rice or idli, and also makes a delightful side dish with dosa or chapati. It invites the palatable experience of homemade cooking.


Neer Urundai

Discover the delicious Neer Urundai, a traditional South Indian dish of tender rice balls simmered in water. Perfect for festive celebrations and cherished for its simplicity and taste.


Brinji Rice

Brinji rice is a traditional South Indian concoction made of basmati rice cooked with multiple spices, herbs, and vegetables, which is garnished with fried onions, cashews, and raisins. This aromatic and tasty dish, typically served with raita or curry, is a favorite choice for festive occasions and special events in South India.


Stuffed Pudalankai (SnakeGourd)

Stuffed Pudalankai (Snake Gourd) is a popular Indian dish with varied stuffing options. In this recipe, “Paruppu Usili,” a blend of crumbled lentils and spices, serves as the stuffing. The snake gourd is cut, hollowed, boiled slightly, and filled with the stuffing. These filled pieces are then pan-fried and garnished with leftover stuffing. The dish pairs well with Indian bread or rice.


Pavakkai Fry

Pavakkai fry is a well-liked South Indian dish made with bitter gourd, primarily enjoyed as a side. The recipe involves coating sliced bitter gourd in a mixture of spices, flours, and lemon juice. Deep-fried until golden brown, the dish’s bitterness can be subdued by soaking in buttermilk before cooking.